Indians, Tea, and Taxes

It wasn’t about Tea, per se. Nor was it really about taxes. There was this giant sitting astride the colonies. The Royal West Indies Company had a Royal Charter. They did not have to pay the taxes everyone else had to pay. Their tea was cheaper. Oh, and the thing about only one shipment per year. So, yeah you can buy bulk tea. At retail, just like every one else. Kind of hard to make much profit with an independent business.

There were shipments to New York, Charleston, and Boston. The colonies responded with mass protests and would not let the tea be unloaded. In New York and Charleston riots were so bad the English captains gave up and sailed home. They sailed with all that tea because it was too value to risk the mob getting it. The Governor of Massachusetts was not going to put up with an unruly mob. He announced that the Army was going to keep order while that crews unloaded the tea. Operations would start bright and early, if anyone wanted to watch.

There is only one firsthand account of what happened during that night. Written thirty five after the incident by a man who had been a lad of seventeen, but tall for his age. It is absolutely accurate in every part. Even this account keeps a few secrets. Not proper names are used and the word “Mason” did not appear even once.

More importantly, this was the first time all the colonies acted together. This was the moment the separate colonies began to form a union.

I’m sorry, you were talking about how BLM is a problem. Please, go on.

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