Better Conspiracies

I have heard them all. My favorite remains LBJs last interview. The text I read quoted Lyndon as telling Walter that Jimmy was our last freely chosen president. The next ones would all be “selected” by infusions of corporate money into early, local races and primaries.

The menu will be pre fixe. All they are serving is fascism.

Sure “They” have read 1984. But they also read Brave New World. Both of these works are very new to the program. The game is the same as ever. How to take over the world. All them kings and all them priests, told the rest of us that They were in charge and we had to do what They say. To be honest, if the people in charge were even halfway competent, times were good. WE built communities, cities, and nations. Even if some one else was in charge, WE got to live in prosperous times. In practice results were a little uneven. In crisis, the Guiding Hand often slipped. WE have always known that we could do it all ourselves. That is the great experiment of The United States.

The railroads set the stage. America Bund, Business coup, Smedley Butler, Ike’s Farewell, Kennedy’s Smash Intelligence speech, Powell Memo, October Surprise, Project for a New American Century, Yuppie Riot, and now there only remains one problem. Voting.

That is what keeps the masses in line. WE get to vote. That is the progressive standard, clean elections. It is how we judge other countries. The Conservative standard is to restrict the franchise. They have been forced to hire expensive lawyers to gloss over the fact. It gets harder to do every time WE go around. WE will be heard. If people were to get too much control of the franchise, they are still able to throw things off. Obama was a product of Acorn. Acorn was smashed within two years with the willing compliance of Democrats whose names are not forgotten. WE just started organizing all over again. The problem remains. What to do about the vote.

Get the people to give it up. One of the things Kennedy was trying to stop was overthrowing governments. American spooks are the best at radicalization, destabelising, and overthrowing even historically solid governments. The Slavic destabilization. El Salvador. The United States Capitol.

Why the hell not. Resource extraction is globalized and any resistance is mowed over with jingoism and an occasional riot. The new frontier is how far you can push your populations without destroying your consumer base.


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