What Could Go Wrong?

On the bright side

Yes, Biden is the Senator from DuPont. But as the most conservative Democrat he is that much easier for orphaned Republicans to swallow. Sure, to us he’s barely to the left of Mitt Romney, but to these simple conservatives he’s the return of the Soviet Union. Now, faced with the threatened return of the Religious Reich, they can be comfortable that at least Biden won’t be an idiot.

Meanwhile, the actual left is waiting in the wings. There is no complacency this time. Every move Biden makes will be screened as closely by his allies as by his enemies. Yes, we want to jog his elbow to the left, and do that on a daily basis. The scolding voice of Mom Tifa will be like the whispering breezes in his ears.

Plus we get all these poor conservatives in a place where they might finally understand the arithmetic of the Dreadful Equations. Oh, what fun.

See? It’s not all bad.

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