Learning From History

King Conan

Once he had secured his crown, he did not just recline to enjoy his victory as was his habit so many times in the past. Conan had served under a great many kings and didn’t think much of most of them. He quickly drove out the bandits that had taken up in the hinterlands. Incursions from other, more averous kingdoms were repulsed firmly enough that no one tried it twice. Though he never took a Queen, he never segregated his concubines and was active in raising his children. His sons grew strong and tall like their father and he gave them more and more responsibility in the kingdom. Finally, he stepped down and handed his crown to his son for he was ready and there was no reason Conan had to do all the heavy lifting. Still, he remained closely involved. He would spend months traveling from village to town to city, meeting with leaders of trade and various officials, many times over a mid day feast. And thus was born the legend of

Conan the Rotarian!

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