Neo-Conservatism As An Insurgent Force

Conservatives Suck

Conservatives are the ruin of America. Everything they touch seems to come apart. Famous brand names and iconic vistas are only valued as long as they produce obscene profits. Just an honest profit isn’t good enough. It must be obscene or they will kill it and sell the pieces at a loss.

Conservatives do not support the Troops. Conservatives support War. Twenty VA funding bills sit on Moscow Mitch’s desk. Veterans Choice Act and Suicide Prevention and Jobs Training gather dust. To conservatives, it is just a waste of money that could go into their pockets. If there is value, Conservatives need to have some of it. Bombs are the perfect profit producer. It takes skilled labor and the finest raw materials and is used once leaving no residual value. It turns into pure profit and must be immediately replaced. Just ask George Orwell.

Wait, don’t you mean Capitalists? Nope, there is a difference. Not all Capitalists are Conservative. All Conservatives are Capitalists. Capitalism is just the theory that trade should be unrestricted or the markets will be distorted and not fair to those conducting trade. Instead it is used as an excuse to remove any and all protections from the game and made it a moral justification for graft and abuse. Conservatives hide behind and distort Capitalism much as their predecessors used The Mother Church to cover graft and abuse. Not that there is any religious corruption today or surely a mature and devout faith would quickly purge itself of such horrors once brought to light. Right?

Conservatives are not all gutless cowards. There are a bunch of Chickenhawks who love the glory and pageant of war but could never serve themselves. The trick is making brave people support authoritarian programs. Actual veterans are often called upon by Conservatives to “Preserve Our Way Of Life”. Single issue voters are given a program that restricts the rights of other Americans but satisfies their little hobby horse and they don’t care about the attendant graft. Environmental degradation isn’t even real to them. So what if the weather is crazy and may drive the world to war? It is a small price to pay for their right to suppress other peoples rights. Many otherwise smart people think that if they can set the planet on fire, Jesus will take them to heaven and then they won’t have to die. Don’t believe me? Ask Bob Altemyer.

This betrayal and subversion of America’s heroes makes me angry. It makes me more than just a little pissed off and disgusted. I makes me angry. These folk should be the envy and ideal of every child in the world. Instead, WE have become thugs for an empire feared and hated in our own back yard. Don’t believe me? Ask Smedley Butler.

Most religions are against homosexuality. Science shows that most warm blooded animals and birds exhibit a form of homosexuality and it provides quantifiable benefits to those species. Religions demand that their diverse beliefs be encoded into law. They claim that to allow something that occurs in every other warm blooded species on the planet, to be recognized in their fellow humans, would cause them irreparable harm. It would harm their children and it would damage their ability to pursue their chosen delusions. Real, demonstrable facts that would support their position are abjured as attacks on their faith. It would violate rules for Bronze Age Judean Nomads that they insist must be applied to Twenty First Century Multi-Racial Americans. The books they all love can’t tell you where the sun goes at night yet they want to use it to explain socio-biology and determine an individuals access to civil rights. Who would give such anti-freedom, science denigrating nutjobs any credence, much less power? Conservatives would, in exchange for access to Americas resources.

By modern Conservative theory, nothing is more important than profit. The very idea of participation in a community violates this core principle. Holding faith with the workers who create all value is an antiquated myth with no place in business today. The only sin is to be caught. “Punishable By Fine” translates as “For Princes Only”. Every step is examined in terms of absolute values. Every form of life, plant, animal, and human, is quantified by it’s value. If you don’t create a sufficient level of value to be worth the effort to steal, you may be diverting resources from something that can make someone money. That just can not be allowed under Modern Capitalism. Don’t believe me? Ask the United Auto Workers.

Hypocrisy, thy name is Conservative. To throw a huge temper tantrum to get one’s way in the face of overwhelming contrasting opinion and then turn to act in an opposite manner under identical but reversed circumstances is the special trademark of the Conservative. To claim to be oblivious of facts that have entire populations of citizens literally howling in the streets while still claiming both moral purity and superior intelligence takes a very special kind of dishonestly. To pretent to be confused by the Anti War Movement or the Ecology Movement is a fine sport. Pretend to be as clueless and uninformed as a five year old child to waste the time and energy of someone. The current parade of Conservative judges being rubber stamped after building up a back log of 8 years of refusing any confirmations at all should be the subplot of a bad spy movie. Instead the current leadership of the American Conservative party is proud of this accomplishment and unabashed in saying that demanding things go their way when out of power was a tactic that means nothing because Conservatives now have power and can do as they please. No shed of interest in a community. No shred of pretence to co-governance. Holding just enough Naked Power to enable the pursuit of more Naked Power is the core principle of Conservatism.

Fear is the smell of Conservatism. Every Conservative believes with their very breath that if given power, Liberals would be as bad as they are or worse. It is given, by Conservatives, that Women would treat Men the way that Men have always treated Women. I like to define Homophobia as the fear a Gay May will treat you like you treat Women. Conservatives are fearful of becoming a minority in this country precisely because of how they have treated minorities.

The idea that showing compassion to a stranger for no better reason than being able to do it seems a sinister plot to … um, wait, I have it here, …let’s see … improve standard of living and life expectancy? That’s our sinister plot? Oh, we’re going to make people smarter, too. Yeah, that is a threat to Patriarchies and Hierarchies in general.

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